Confidence is key if you’re going to be a Hip-Hop artist, but there is a such thing as being overly confident.

Kodak Black went on Twitter on April 5 to claim that he’s better than two of the biggest legends in hip-hop.

“I’m better than Pac and Biggie,” Kodak Black tweeted.


Kodak Black has some strong, unpopular opinions, in a recent documentary about the Floridian, the rapper explained why he largely dismissed a notable co-sign he received from Drake.

“I heard about, but I didn’t know what that did,” Kodak said. “I just knew that was Drake, so… You trying to show you fuck with me or what? We ain’t never talked on the phone, like he was texting me and shit. I’m direct with it. So, if you’re trying to show me that you fuck with me, call me. Throw me on your album so I can get me some royalties.”

Well, hopefully this won’t end in a back and forth like Lord Jamar and Vince Staples at the beginning of this year.

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