Next week, the late J Dilla’s album, Jay Love Japan, will be rereleased via Mass Appeal. But to give fans a little tease of the album, the team at Mass Appeal released two unreleaed songs from the rebooted upcoming album called, “The Look” and “Sun In My Face.”

“The Look” is just a track that showcases Dilla’s epic production skills. The track has a classic boom bap Hip-Hop feel with a little dash of soul. “Sun In My Face”, however, is more than Dilla’s production. With the help of West Coast rapper, Blu and R&B singer Miguel, they help to bring life to the track. Dilla’s productions is very melodic with a lot of violins for this song. The violins do a great job of complementing Miguel’s singing for the chorus. Ofcourse Blu brings the hard bars, which bring great contrast to the softer feel of the track.

Listen to the two songs below.

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