All hell has broken loose since Blac Chyna and rob Kardashian went public with their engagement this week. Since then, Chyna has been basking in her love and happiness, she’s even announced that she plans of dropping the name Blac Chyna to go by Angela Kardashian. Since the news broke, the Kardashians/ Jenner clan hasn’t publicly spoken out about the engagement and Chyna’s mom, Tokyo Toni, recently blasted them online for their lack of support.

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According to media reports, Toni has been blasting the Kardashians all week, claiming that the famous reality TV family is full of hypocrites because they won’t support Rob and Chyna’s engagement.

“Fake Kardashians & Jenners!!! Y’all claim family is everything but you can even post @robkardashian engagement with @blacchyna. I’m sure if it were #WhiteChyna @kyliejenner, U elder @krisjenner @khloekardashian @kendalljenner @kourtneykardash or @caitlynjenner would be all over. U pretenders would have even paid to broadcast. Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house too. Well he got fam in his new fiancee, kid and @mstokyotoni,” Toni wrote in one post.

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In another post, she wrote, “Let me explain …” They not fake! They simply don’t care and never have! It’s simple and plain and why should they?”

In a third post, Toni continued to blast the Kardashians and Jenners, and even seemed to take shots at Chyna’s best friend, Amber Rose.

“You not even going to be invited! I didn’t see the invitation! Ps’ to all her fake a– friends!! ” Oh b—- I see you and NO b—- will ever plan my daughter’s wedding but “Me” or her! #ps or her bestie – Whoeva that is? PS-, they are Armenian so no blonde hair blue eyes over here wheneva they do have a kid!! Let’s get it poppin now!! Lol!! Wheneva y’all ready but get the point,” Toni said.

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Well, since then Ms. Toni seems to have a change of heart. She recently posted an apology to the Kardashians on her Instagram page that said:

Good morning IG Family I KNOW people look up to me!! Sooooo… ( CLEAR THROAT) here ye here ye” TOKYO is speaking – I would like to make a public apology to everyone I offended on IG especially The Kardashians. As a mom I will always defend my daughter ” Always” however! I have no chill at times when it comes to her. I realized during my trip to California” I am a bigger person” I am a Monarch! [sic] I am human with emotions and ” Judgments at times but Real at the same damn time! I made jokes even after my kids engagement ” Jokes”- It wasn’t proper! But it was funny to me ” I am a big ass joker and a silly goat” Lls No one is asking or telling me to do this. I feel it’s just proper! So being the woman I am .. I apologize to the ” K ” family ” Not an olive branch but we can pretend” I will never spell [sic] on them again on my Social Media! It’s not that I am bowing down .. Im just looking up! ” Follow my lead” Apologize to someone today! It can make a big difference in a life or situation! Xoxox Tokyo Toni! — Silly me ” I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE”. Any comments that are negative ” Blocked without a word spoken” OH IM LEARNING FAST ! @robkardashian and@blacchyna I love you kids with all my heart!! Headed back to MY CIty — DC with a positive outlook and a NEW SON IN LAW TO BE!! #khloekardashian#kimkardashian #krisjenner#kourtneykardashian – My bad

By the way this drama is playing out, I wouldn’t be mad at Blac Rob if they decided to elope.

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