While appearing in court Thursday to recount fleeing a nightclub incident four years ago, New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall said he feared for his life when fights broke at the Marquee nightclub in Manhattan.

Marshall testified in federal court to deny allegations that he punched a woman during the incident. She later sued him for unspecified damages.

Marshall, 32, was with longtime friend and former NFL wide receiver Mike Sims-Walker back in March of 2012 when he said men began chasing the two. He said he thought to himself, “no way we’ll survive this,” adding that he was “pretty hysterical” and thought that if he fell, he would’ve been killed, thinking the men had weapons.

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The star receiver’s wife had multiple teeth knocked out and sustained a but on her lip after a bottle was thrown at her. An emotional Marshall rubbed his eyes with a tissue and struggled to speak when explaining what happened with his wife.

“The cut was the really scary part,” he recounted. “I never heard her cry like that.”

Christin Myles, the woman who testified earlier in the trial and accused Marshall of hitting her, said she knew it was Marshall who hit her because she noticed the tattoos on his forearms. However, video evidence from the scene suggests Marshall’s arms were covered by sleeves when he was outside, and he denied striking Myles.

Marshall said he eventually escaped by running between moving cars after several men circled around him in the street.

Myles, who was in the VIP area for her birthday party during the night of the incident, said that a fight near her section where Marshall and Sims-Walker were seated ruined her time. She added that she assumed the two men were to blame for the incident, so she swung at Sims-Walker when she got outside, but missed. Right after, she was struck in the eye, she said.

Marshall later said during the court appearance that Sims-Walker took the blame for the hit, testifying that he “swung, hit” Myles outside of the nightclub.

An objection was sustained when attorney Joshua Moskovitz, who represents Myles, asked his his client was lying or if Marshall was lying.

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