The Kobe Bryant Farewell tour is coming to a close as the NBA regular season is winding down. The Los Angeles Lakers take the home court one final time on Wednesday and that will conclude a glorious 20 year run for the ‘black mamba” Kobe Bryant. The Lakers will face the Utah Jazz in Bryant final home game at the Staples Center, one will think how Kobe will react, during all the video tributes before the game and even after the game, how will Kobe receive the farewell?

During an interview with ESPN, Kobe say he don’t want the Jazz to take it easy on him during the final game. Being asked about how he think his emotions will be at end, “When the time comes, you never know,” Bryant told ESPN. “[I] might be sitting here with tears flowing out of my eyes. I doubt it, but it could happen. I don’t know. We’ll see.”

When asked about his legs still being there, the mamba responded with:“Showing up and playing and hoping my body feels pretty damn good and I can get up and down the floor and run freely and play this game at the highest level of competition one more time.”

Before Kobe ride off into the sunset take a look back some of his highlights during his glorious 20 year career.




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