As Royce da 5’9″ gets ready to drop his Layers album, the Detroit native has decided to drop this short video. In the music video, he goes straight for the A Cappella, and it isn’t even the full track.

Watch as Royce da 5’9″ goes off with an awesome illuminated background:

“Hip-hop is my house, watch my philosophies win/Around artists I stand out like I locked my keys in/I forgot my goal at 21 was to make a classic/Walk away like Tiger with my nine iron, then take the Masters/They say you get whatchu ask for/Well, I asked to be left alone with my pen, pad and passport.”

Royce recently spoke about the name of his album Layers:

“I’ll be peeling back all of them. One of my layers is PRhyme, another is Slaughterhouse, another is Bad Meets Evil. All of these different styles and sides of my creativity come out in different ways and different groups, and this is basically me peeling back all the layers and giving you every side of me as Royce da 5’9” the solo artist in 2016. This is the complete artist.”

Royce da 5’9″‘s Layers album drops officially April 15. If you just can’t wait or want double the Royce, be sure to cop his new Trust The Shooter mixtape, which is available now.


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