Last week, singer Tinashe as well as several other women entertainers distanced themselves from Chris brown after he made some insulting comments about Kehlani’s suicide attempt.

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Breezy was none too pleased about the unfollows, and did what he does best, ranted on Instagram about Tinashe, Zendaya and the others who’d he collaborated with in the past who sided with Kehlani. This week, Tinashe addressed his comments in a new interview.

“I just kinda laughed it off. I felt like it was just so unnecessary,” T told Shay Diddy on KMEL in Oakland.

“It’s not a big deal to me. I don’t think that follows on Twitter are a big deal. If I see him, I would love to speak to him. I would love if he would reach out. I have absolutely nothing against him. We’re on good terms, as far as I knew.”

Well, Chris doesn’t feel the same as he called her “WHOISHAE” (a play on Tinashe,) and said she has a “hobbit face” and dissed her career.

How annoying. Peep the interview and comments below.

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