Yet again, we have yet another cell phone video capturing yet another incident of an officer displaying excessive force to a minor.

This time, the video comes out of San Antonio, Texas at Rhodes Middle School where a 12-year old Janissa Valdez was being treated with excessive force by a school resource officer Joshua Kehm. The video, which was posted to YouTube, shows the officer struggling to restrain the student. Fellow students crowded around them, all having different reactions to what was occurring before their eyes. Then the officer suddenly slammed Valdez to the ground, clearly hitting her head, and proceeded handcuffed behind her back while face down on the ground without checking to see if she was okay. You could her crying.

After the video surfaced, Kehm was placed on paid administrative leave and the district’s police department is currently investigating. Gloria Valdez reported that he daughter had swelling in her upper temple.

Kehm was breaking up a heated argument between Valdez and another student. Take a look at the chilling video and let us know your thoughts below.

Source: LoveBScott

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