There has been a bit of tension between Toronto newcomer Tory Lanez and his much more famous predecessor, Drake, in recent months. Tory wasn’t feeling how people were referring to his city as “The 6″ and made it known, which didn’t sit well with Drizzy, and it’s been shots in music ever since.

Before they head out on the road together, Tory and A$AP Ferg decided to release a collab, and Tory found it the perfect time to respond to Drake’s latest jab on “Summer Sixteen.” On “Line Up The Flex,” he says:

“Look I got 27 different hating n*ggas hating on me and I’m just like f*ck ’em all/
Fergie tell these n*ggas how it sound when I see them in the street and just brush em off/
F*ck them n*ggas that was hating on me even though a n*gga used to tell em all/
I was never ever gang gang gang gang I was one umbrella mob”

Tory himself previously said that he doesn’t want beef. Don’t Meek Mill yourself now, my g.

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