This is starting to feel like a Young Thug x Lil Wayne situation

As you know, many have compared newcomer Desiigner to Future because of their very similar vocal style, which has left a bad taste in peoples’ mouths – as a Brooklyn-bred rapper probably shouldn’t sound like one from Atlanta. The 18-year-old has playfully addressed the comparisons in the past and said that it’s all love, but has made it clear that he’s his own man and isn’t trying to sound or be like Future. Or is he?

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Desiigner previously previewed his next song and it’s titled “Pluto” – which is the name of Future‘s debut album. Now he’s teasing a new mixtape…and you should see the image he chose to use for it on Instagram. No, it’s not the cover, but it’s still a troll nonetheless.


A photo posted by Desiigner (@lifeofdesiigner) on

This meme already went around with Future’s face, as he has both a mixtape and a tour called “Purple Reign.” This boy is gonna keep poking Future until he eventually responds for REAL – and I don’t see it being very nice.

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