Real hip-hop never dies and apparently neither does hip-hop beef. MC Shan and KRS-One have been beefing since the late 80s and hasn’t died down since.

Last week, MC Shan claimed that KRS-One never defeated him in a rap battle, then he went on to deny the battle even happened. “Me and [KRS-One] never battled, ever,” said Shan in an interview with the Murder Master Music show.

“I don’t care; any Hip-Hop historian knows a battle is two cats on stage, doing what they do.”

Once KRS caught wind of Shan’s comments, he demanded an apology from Shan. Shan’s response? A three minute diss delivered via telephone.

Barely 24 hours after Shan’s diss, KRS-One to respond to with an acapella diss called “S.H.A.N. (Still Hugging A N*t)” On the track KRS mentions Shan’s storied use of crack cocaine rapping: “Technically, I didn’t take you out, Shan, the crack did.”

Mc Shan hasn’t responded yet, but one time for culture for keeping this beef on wax. Check out KRS-One’s response below.

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