While some rap beefs seem to sizzle or settle down at some point, the issue between MMG and G-Unit seem to be alive and well. Just when you think it’s just about over, something always brings it back to life. This time, it was courtesy of Gunplay.

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Gunplay took shots at 50 Cent on his remix of Young Greatness’ track “Moolah.” While rapping about his woes in the game, he took an less than subtle jab at 50, blatantly naming him saying, ” I beat the case, you know the rest/Play if you want, fuck 50 Cent cause we dying for less.”

This isn’t the first time Gunplay had choice words for a G-Unit artist. He threatened Kidd Kidd back in February, ” I don’t do that rap back and forth bullshit…I’m a motherf*ckin’ player. I don’t tongue wrestle with no n*gga, ya dig? But motherf*ckin’ Kidd Kidd, I’ll slap the fucking cat piss out your b*itch ass just like I did your daddy, hoe.”

50 and Ross’ beef go back for some time time but Gunplay’s direct involvement in the feud began in 2012 when he fought with 50’s entourage at the BET Awards.

Source: XXL

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