The political season is always a good time on “Saturday Night Live. The impressions of political figures done by the cast are A-1 and it’s always a joy when when the person getting impersonated appears on the show.

Saturday night Kenan Thompson had the opprounity to sit face-to-face with someone he’s been impersonating for years: Rev. Al Sharpton.

During the sketch, Thompson played Sharpton on an episode of his MSNBC series Politics Nation, and the real-life Sharpton played a guest, statistical analyst Charles Richards, as the two went through a list of socopolitical issues.

The two even poked at Sharpton/Thompson’s weight difference since Sharpton lost 170 pounds a few years ago.

“Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I expected you to be a little skinnier. I know you worked really hard to lose all that weight, it’s a shame to see that you seem to have gained it back.”

“Frankly Charles, I like myself this way. People say I look younger,” the 37-year-old Thompson told the 61-year-old Sharpton.

Watch it above.

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