The 2016 presidential election is definitely an important one to vote in and pay attention to. But that doesn’t mean most Americans are excited for the candidates.

The Ap-GFK poll specializes in poll gathering with public opinion. According to the Associated Press  a new Ap-GFK poll suggests that Americans believe none of the remaining presidential candidates represents their opinions well. Half of the people in the poll would be disappointed or angry if Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton were nominated for their parties. A quarter of people would be angry or disappointed if Trump or Clinton actually win the nominations. But these are the front runners and it is likely these two will represent their respective parties.

Although America seems to not be excited about neither candidate, when it comes to which one America prefers, most Americans prefer Hilary to Trump when it comes to handing the issues of the country. Although when it comes to the economy, the poll is very close between the two with 38% trusting Clinton with it and 35% trusting Trump. Less than 50% of registered Republicans said they trust Trump to handle the United State’s image abroad or handling Congress. Greg Freeman, an independent who leans Republican told Yahoo News, “I think he would have the U.S. in wars at the drop of a hat. He would make the international community angry at the United States. He has a lot of comments on issues, but he has no solutions.”

The primaries are running through early June and have over 20 states left to vote. Whether you are excited or not make sure you vote.

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