The comedian who we’re used to seeing in almost every film, says his time with doing stand-up comedy tours has run it’s course. If you missed out on this years What Now comedy tour, you may have missed out for good.

At this years CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Hart spoke to reporters saying “it was my last f****** tour.” His famous What Now comedy tour traveled to 112 cities, and made the record as the largest comedy tour ever in history. Kevin Hart has been in almost a dozen film’s this year however, he’s not done just yet. Hart’s new movie, What Now, will be coming out in late October of this year. The new movie documents the stand-up comedy tour but also features fun surprise guests such as Don Cheadle. As if that’s not enough, on June 17th Central Intelligence will hit theaters starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and none other than, Kevin Hart.

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Yesterday a short teaser was released of the upcoming What Now film, check it out below.


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