After a few jabs, it’s starting to look like there won’t be any full blown shots landed between Toronto rappers/singers Drake and Tory Lanez. Lanez did address a recent lyric which references Drake in a tweet published Tuesday night (April 12). The line is a clear as day response to Drake’s “Summer Sixteen” line:

“You was never gang, gang, gang, gang, you was never one us
Had us fooled for a minute there, but now we done all grow’d up”

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“There’s a big difference between a diss and a fact,” wrote Lanez.

For those that aren’t familiar where the diss is from, He’s referencing a line from his verse from “Line Up The Flex” with A$AP Ferg:

“For them n*ggas that was hating on me, even though a n*gga used to tell ’em all
I was never ever gang, gang, gang, gang, I was One Umbrella Mob”

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