One thing is for sure, Beyoncé is a grown woman that can do whatever she wants! Back in February, the Beyoncé fan page called @TheBeyHiveteam tweeted that Beyoncé was filming an “album film” called “Project Lemonade.”

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After months of speculation and hysteria, Beyoncé fans are one step closer to getting out of “formation” and getting in to a new album. On Saturday (April 16) the pop star uploaded a snippet for her project entitled “Lemonade.” The clip shows Beyoncé, in a fur coat, slowly raising her head off her arms to an echoing sound effect. There are soft whispers chanting, “What am I gonna do, though? What am I gonna do?” Then, it cut to black.

Beyoncé dropped hints about the project back in September via Instagram. Her mother, Tina Knowles said “Lemonade” will “blow your mind.”

“Lemonade” is set to premiere next Saturday, April 23 on HBO at 9pm EST. Watch the preview below.

Short version:

Extended version:

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