Back in 2005, Lil Wayne was one of the most sought-out free agents in the music game. Wayne’s contract with Cash Money was just about up, and since he was making enough music set for his departure from the label he called home for ten years, many were wondering where he would take his talents. On Wayne’s first Dedication mixtape with DJ Drama, Tunechi explained back then his current contract situation:

“So the streets wanna know what’s Wayne’s situation. They hear a lot of rumors, speculations that I’d be going to another record company. Preferably the Roc, Def Jam, Jay Z, Sean Carter, Jigga man…no. Why? ‘Cause…I was. But I was still under cizzontract with Cizzash Mizzoney. But I said I’ma just ride it out and see what I could do. So then I figured, I’ma go with the Roc and go by Jay. And Jay was trying to help me, he was really trying. He was like, ‘Dude, whenever you get out of your situation, I’m here. Whatever you need, I’m here.’ [I was like] believe that. All of a sudden I get a call from Universal and I couldn’t even understand what they were talking about because they were talking about millions. That was words I had never heard of. I was like ‘Damn! Believe that.”

During a recent visit to to DJ Drama’s radio show, Wayne gives us a total dollar amount of what Jay Z offered him to join the Roc back in 2005. Take a listen below to Weezy below as he talks about the deal.

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