Jay Z, Kanye West and Tidal have been hit with a lawsuit that claims they tricked fans into subscribing to the streaming service through Kanye’s statements that The Life of Pablo would only be available on Tidal.

Currently, The Life of Pablo is available on Apple, Spotify and Google Play, and the lawsuit is claiming that Tidal has been false advertising.

The lawsuit alleges Tidal’s “exclusive” Kanye album release was carefully planned to lure 2 million customers into a subscription, raising the company’s value by up to $84 million. The lawsuit states:

“By the time Mr. West changed course and broadly released The Life of Pablo, the deceptive marketing ploy had served its purpose: Tidal’s subscriber numbers had tripled, streaming numbers were through the roof, and Tidal had collected the personal information, credit card numbers, and social media information of millions of deceived consumers.”

The lawsuit is demanding the reimbursement to users for any subscription fees they paid due to the promise of Kanye’s “exclusive” album release, and also wants to change users from having to provide credit card information for free trials.

If Tidal loses this lawsuit, it could potentially be the end of it.

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