Elle.com will now be a little more infiltrated with #BlackGirlMagic. Former social commentator of MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry is now the Editor-at-Large at Elle.com.

According to Clutch, this is what Harris-Perry had to say about her newest career venture:

“Joining ELLE.com is an opportunity to combine my expertise as a scholar, my commitments as a public intellectual, and my interests as a woman. Politics, economics, and inequality will be important to the stories we tell, but so too will culture, community, family, and even fashion. I am thrilled to tell my loyal television audience where they can find me and to introduce myself to brand new audiences, all while telling the stories of extraordinary women and girls.”

In February, we reported that Harris-Perry parted ways with MSNBC after revealing that the network was “Less concerned with questions of racial and social justice and less interested in highlighting a variety of concerns that shows like mine and others had been quite focused on over the past couple of years.”

Congratulations Melissa!

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Source: Clutch

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