It’s hard to forget the video of Sandra Bland being unlawfully arrested while being pulled over for a minor traffic violation. Well, now the people of Texas are making sure every time someone drives down the road where Sandra was arrested that people have to say her name, by renaming the road, Sandra Bland Parkway.

According to the Houston Chroniclethe decision to rename the road, was a 4 to 1 vote by the city council. The council originally wanted to rename the road for Bland for 3 to 5 years or until an acceptable park was made, but that plan received a lot of pushback from the local citizens. The event was attended by 100’s of activists and Prarie View A&M University students that were showing support to Bland by wearing various buttons and T-Shirts. “It’s not about just Sandy,” Bland’s mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, said to a crowd at the event via the Houston Chronicle. “It’s about other women and men who’ve died at the hands of officers who’ve sworn to protect them.”

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Bland was pulled over by officer Brian Encinia for failing to put on her turning signal to switch lanes. The officer would forcefully pull Sandra from the car and arrest her for not putting out a cigarette. Then, three days later, Sandra would be found dead in her jail cell with a trash bag around her neck. The death would be ruled a suicide and no one from the Waller County Prison would be indicted. However, the arresting officer, Brian Encinia, would be charged with perjury and fired from his position. Encinia plead not guilty to perjury, faces up to one year in jail and a $4000 fine.

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