Ripa was absent from Wednesday’s “Live with Kelly and Michael,” and there’s no word about when she will be back.On Tuesday, ABC announced that Ripa’s co-host Michael Strahan is leaving “Live” and joining “Good Morning America” full-time.

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Media expert Brian Stelter, host of CNN’s Reliable Sources, told E! News Wednesday Ripa is “beyond angry.”

“It’s unclear if she’ll back tomorrow or the rest of the week. There’s conflicting information on whether she’ll return to work on Thursday or Friday with some people in Hollywood and New York convinced she will not come back to work,” Stelter told E! News. “My understanding is that her agent and manager are flying in to meet with her today to talk about next steps. It’s clear this is a botched transition by ABC.”

Strahan’s announcement had sparked many rumors about the future of Live!, which Ripa has hosted for more than 15 years. Some speculate she will be absent from the show for a long time and others think she too could jump ship. With Ripa staying silent for now, fans of the show have filled social networks with both speculation and support for her.

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