G-Unit rapper Kidd Kidd and his lyrics have come under fire as federal prosecutors allege Kidd Kidd is an “agent” to the murderous New Orleans street gang the 39ers.

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Kidd Kidd’s music video “Qp” took center stage in the New Orleans gang murder case.  Many of the 39’ers have been identified in videos of Kidd Kidd airing lyrics that the prosecutors claim give account of the violence, while making direct threats to informers and proposing to pay off police.  At a hearing earlier this month, attorney Myles Ranier went as far as to call Kidd Kidd “someone who is promoting the organization, furthering the aims of the organization.”

Kidd Kidd nor Qp will be charged in this case, however prosecutors argue that the Fuk Da Fame rapper’s association to the organization brought them more attention while simultaneously solidifying the rapper’s street credibility.

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