Kendrick Lamar Reebok’s Classic shoe is here now but it took some heavy cold calling from Reebok Director Of Entertainment Marketing Damion Presson professes. In an interview with Complex  Presson states, it took him two years to get the chance to meet with the Compton MC. “I basically chased [Kendrick] for about two years,” explain Presson. “It took about two years to get them to call me back. I was constantly calling, calling, and calling, and finally, we met out in Vegas and had a great meeting. They were ready to do a partnership, and then we actually made it happen.

From there, Kendrick had the concept in his head for his Compton inspired shoe. “Blue” and “Red” and have blue and red insoles. The inside of each tongue has the word “Neutral” on it as a nod to the Crips and Blood gangs in Los Angeles.

Presson says that meeting with Lamar and getting his ideas for a shoe was paramount. “His music has a message, and we wanted to make sure we were taking into consideration the things that were important to him,” Presson says. “That pretty was much it, sitting down with some designers, hearing things he wanted to do, picking out materials, letting him go through the whole material swatch book. As far as the shoe goes, the Ventilator was a shoe that he loved, and it was one of the shoes we were promoting for our campaign.

About The Author Jay Raw

Born and raised in the county of Kings.

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