Upfronts are when a network release the plans for upcoming program to the press and advertisers in order to secure commercial airtime for the upcoming TV season. BET had their upfront presentation this week and while the big announcement was the upcoming New Edition movie staring Luke James and Yazz from “Empire,” the team over at BET also has docu-series coming that might be worth watching.

“Music Moguls” will feature hip hop veterans Snoop Dogg, Damon Dash, Jermaine Dupri and Birdman. Check out how BET describes the show.

Birdman. Dame Dash. Jermaine Dupri. Snoop Dogg. They’ve spent the last 20 years making hits, stars and headlines, as well as laying the foundation for some of today’s biggest acts. Although they’ve sold millions of records and taken the risks to live the life of a mogul, not every calculation yields the desired return. Over eight 60-minute episodes, this hard-hitting docu-series takes you into their lives as each entrepreneur navigates both familiar and new territory – from grooming new talent and building new empires to raising their college-bound children. Being a music mogul is grown man business; learn what it takes to stay at the top of the game. Music Moguls is produced by L. Plummer Media (The Westbrooks, Preachers of LA, Living with Funny) with Lemuel Plummer, Bryan “Birdman” Williams, Snoop Dogg and Chad Greulach serving as Executive Producers.

With all four men playing a HUGE roll in Hip-Hop over the last 20 years, this should be a show to remember. Hopefully each man will drop some jewels for the next generation of up and coming moguls.

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