Earlier this week, Michael Strahan announced his departure from the early morning show, Live! with Kelly and Michael. The former football player turned host will now serve as an anchor on Good Morning America.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the entire Live time slot may be at stake. THR also stated that ABC News executives have “long coveted” the addition of another hour of Good Morning America. A third hour of GMA, some predict, could pack in as much as $50 million in fresh revenue each year without adding much of a burden on the production budget. It has been reported that Strahan has been brought aboard to help revive decreasing profit margins and to end what the network apparently considers a recent “ratings bleed.”

“The success of GMA is the No.1 priority of ABC News because it subsidizes the entire news division,” an anonymous “ABC News veteran” tells THR of the network’s current plans.

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Source: Complex

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