MTV is making a shift back to music. It’s been over 20 years since the network has been music driven due to original scripted TV series and reality shows.  MTV will be launching Wonderland,  a weekly series to showcase live music performance.  MTV collaborated with Comedy Central on the series and will be hosted by musicians and comedians.

In addition, MTV will be revamping the show Unplugged, a series where artists give exclusive acoustic performances. Also, executive producer of The Voice, Mark Burnett is working on a Hip Hop competition series. MTV will be working with some other big names such as Zac Efron, Pitbull, Drew Berrymore, Dwayne Johnson, John Legend, and Danny Garcia in efforts to rebrand the network.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the president of MTV, Sean Atkins discusses the initiative to bring music back to the network. “It says a few things, first and foremost that we’re clearly bringing music as our muse back to the brand and returning it creatively to what inspires us. The idea of having music — in terms of what it means to pop culture and that it gives artists a voice and is always resonant to youth and an influencer of culture — has always been a great element of the MTV brand. We’re leaning back into the heritage and resuscitating it and renovating it for today’s generation.”

There will be a total 14 new shows and specials. Shows such as Teen Wolf, Teen Mom, and The Shannara Chronicles will remain on the network. The revamp of the network will jumpstart sometime later this year.

Source:Hollywood Reporter

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