In a piece run by the New York Times documenting cell phone use in the locker room around the NBA, several players have admitted to checking their cell phones during games, specifically at halftime.

Although the article does not highlight any big-name players, there are guys such as Spencer Hawes and Kevin Seraphin who spoke about how they use their phones during game.

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“I don’t think you should necessarily be coming in at halftime and start going through your mentions, but it’s just become habitual,” said Hawes of the Charlotte Hornets.  “What do you do when you’ve been away from your phone in any situation? You come in, check it, check if anyone texted you. I think halftime is kind of no different.”

The locker room at halftime is known as a place where players listen to their coaches and avoid any distractions. But Hawes’ story is alarming in a sense, because the question is raised about what else players are doing on their phones.

The NBA hasn’t ruled against social media, but looking at their phones isn’t a problem. It’s possible that the league will institute a new rule and follow in the steps of the NFL and MLB, both of which outlaw cell phone use by players during games.

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