Dave Chappelle and Prince had a friendship that spanned years. One can imagine the hurt Chappelle felt when he found out his friend had passed away.

Chappelle  took the stage at a recent show in San Fransico at 2 a.m. and performed a set for about 4 hours. According to the San Fransisco ChronicleChappelle almost didn’t take the stage.  It took one of Chappele band members to remind him that Prince “definitely would not condone that.”

Chappelle took the time to tell stories and experiences he had with Prince throughout their friendship. Chappelle who had not known that his pal has pasted away on that Thursday until he was receiving  calls from media outlets for a comment. “I kept wondering all day, why are they calling me?” Chappelle said. “I’ll tell you what: I didn’t know him well, but I knew him well.”

Chappelle called Prince passing “This is black 9/11,” as his band played classic track from the icon.

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