The BeyHive has had their stingers out and have been on the attack lately. This time the hive is pointing their stingers to W Magazine.

There are a couple of unspoken internet rules, and one of them is DO NOT SHAKE THE BEYHIVE. Ever since Beyonce has released her visual album, Lemonade, the hive has been ready to attack anyone that even sounds like or thinks they’re coming for the queen. The hive went on a rampage on Rachel Roy, whom the hive thinks Beyonce is referring to in her song, “Sorry,” when she said, “Becky with the good hair.” The hive went on a rampage under Roy’s Instagram comments because allegedly, Roy was having an inappropriate relationship with Beyonce’s husband Jay-z. The hive also went on the same rampage in cook and author, Rachel Ray’s page, mistakenly thinking she was Rachel Roy.

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So it’s safe to say the hive is buzzing right now and W Magazine posted the wrong picture at the wrong time on their Instagram. The magazine attempted to congratulate Bey on her Lemonade release, but the hive thought the picture the magazine used was photoshopped too much. The hive thought the magazine was attempting to decrease Beyonce’s curvy African American woman features, in an attempt to whitewash Beyonce’s body type.  According to Perez Hilton, some of the comments read:

Oh wow they photoshopped the heck out of Bey! WTF is wrong with you @wmag you should be celebrating her curves instead you make her look like the stick thin fake white girls. She’s a proud and curvy black woman, can’t you stop shaming black women?

That Photoshop is pathetic. Fake at thigh gap she’s ever had. Why waste your time. She’s perfect without that crap.

The Beyhive is not to be played with.

See the Instagram picture below.


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