50 Cent has always been about his business, so there’s no surprise that in between the multiple TV deals and Effen vodka, he’s started a new business venture.

50 is gearing up for the grand opening of his resort called Fiesta Beach this weekend. Fiesta Beach has a club, a hotel and a restaurant all in one located in Marrakesh, Morocco.

50 has teamed up with entrepreneur Oliver DaSilva to launch the resort and is said to be the third property of the Fiesta Group family. The company owns a club called Fiesta, located in Brussels and a restaurant in Marrakesh called Dandy. G-Unit News Daily on Instagram claims that Fiesta Beach is the property in Africa that 50 Cent boasted about last year, but denied any ownership when asked in bankruptcy court.

“A massive congratulations to @50cent @livefromlondon12 @olivierdasilva &@saifpr for opening this incredible place in #Marrakesh,” the page posted.

“#FiestaBeach is an exclusive Boutique Hotel as well as a Beach Club and Restaurant. This is 50’s property in Africa he was trolling everybody with a while back ? Good looking out to everyone involved. Can’t wait to visit”

Check out the video annocement and photos of the property below.

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