Mr. Foxx may be getting back to his roots in an unforeseen way!

While Jamie Foxx’s resume is so elaborate that he can’t be boxed in we watched his talent emerge in comedy on In Living Color.  Since then he’s become larger than life but it’s being reported by Deadline that he is in talks to be getting back to some comedic relief with direction from Brian Henson, the son of the original, The Muppets director Jim Henson. The new series, Happytime Murders is a R-rated comedy where puppets are getting murdered. Foxx’s speculated character is Los Angeles Police Department’s Detective Edwards along with his ex-partner Phil who are humans among the puppets. The series is based around the popular stars (puppets) of The Happytime Gang, a family show who largely differ from the wholesome characters they play on TV in real life. Well Foxx’s character is taking on the task of trying to solve their crazy murders while juggling his own set of issues.

‘Never forget’ as Jamie as already reminded us of his funny most recently in Horrible Bosses 2. This new project sounds like pure comedy merely from the overview and we’ll be waiting on the confirmation that it is indeed coming to life!


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