NYC rapper, Bobby Shmurda has been at the Riker’s Island jail in New York since Dec. of 2014. The rapper continues to go back and forth to court for bail reduction hearings for his $2 million bail with no success, so now the “Hot N***a” MC is suing the NYPD for false imprisonment.

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Bobby is suing the NYPD because of a previous arrest in June of 2014. The suit claims the officers involved in the case entered the residence without a warrant and began to ransack the place, looking for drug and gun paraphernalia. Bobby also claims the officers were specifically taunting him while in the residence, chanting his hit song. The charges for this case were dismissed but Bobby is claiming to have suffered from”nervous shock and mental anguish” as a result of the arrest according to Billboard.

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Shmurda is currently in jail for a slew of charges including 1st and 2nd degree Conspiracy charges and Criminal Possession of a Weapon. In Bobby’s current case he is claiming the NYPD have targeted him because he is young rich and successful. The rapper denied a plea deal by the prosecution and is set to go to trial May 11

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