The latest installment of Hot 97’s “Who’s Next Live” brought out artist from New Orleans, New Jersey and of course, New York.  As always, this was put together by the amazing  Scottie Beam, who is Hot 97’s digital producer and a on air personality.  The SOB’s event was hosted by Hot 97’s Hip-Hop Mike and DJ Juanytowho provided the music.  

Young Greatness, Albee AL and Phil Walker hit the SOB’s stage this month along with making the stage finalist Jay Pres and WXLFMAN. BlameEbro caught up with Harlem rappers Jay Pres and Phil Walker right before they hit the stage.

Jay Pres is no stranger to the music industry. His uncle was the late great  Dennis Davis who was a legendary drummer known for his work with Stevie Wonder and the late David Bowie.  Here’s what he had to say.

Blame Ebro: You were one of the FilmOnTV contest winners! How did you know about the contest?

Jay Pres: It actually was a surprise because  my godfather is a partner with FilmOn and he told me about the competition and I never heard of it until he told me. So I saw Hot 97 post it on Instagram and that’s when I started taking it seriously. I had to send them a video of me performing, so I entered the video of me performing at Webster Hall and they fucked with it.

Blame Ebro: Talk about the support you get from Scottie Beam and  Hot 97? I know you touched the SOBs stage before.

Jay Pres: Scottie Beam is great, she’s a great person and individual. She’s a strong black woman and that definitely something great to have in this industry. She’s really holding it down for the underground artist, she’s really showing love. Shout out to Hot 97, Scottie Beam and DJ Spazzo.

Blame Ebro: You just put out a new single ‘Swaggy P,’ is there a video coming out for that?

Jay Pres: I’m actually trying to shoot the video out in California and I’m trying to get Swaggy P (Nick Young, Lakers) in the video. That’s the second single of off the album Life Of A Don. It’s already ready I’m just trying to build a momentum for it. It going to be songs.

Blame Ebro: Who’s producing your album?

Jay Pres: Just me and my in house producer High Volume Music. He did ten beats and I did three on the project.

Blame Ebro: Talk about growing up in Harlem. A lot of people know you, how does that influence your music?

Jay Pres: Growing up in Harlem didn’t really have anything to do with the music, that’s just me as a person. At the time, I wasn’t really focused on music. I had friends who did music, so I was really helping to push their music. I was around Def Jam A&R’s at a young age. Erica Bowen, she used to work at Def Jam… I used to pick her son up from school everyday. I used to take him to Def Jam everyday when I was in 10th/11th grade… I was able to sit down in the office and watch her A&R people’s projects. She really gave me the opportunity to bring people down there and get heard. That kind of birth it, well I wouldn’t say birthed it, because I love music. It’s in my family. She gave me the opportunity to see the industry first.

Blame Ebro: You just had a family member who just passed away…

Jay Pres: Yeah my uncle Dennis, he’s a legendary drummer with Stevie Wonder and David Bowie. That was a real hard loss for my family.

Blame Ebro: You have a lot of music influences in you family, right?

Jay Pres: Yeah, actually my dad is here. He’s a singer, he’s going to sing me tonight.

Blame Ebro: That’s dope. Congratulations on this great opportunity.


The Harlem rapper had a dope performance that also included his father John Pres Sr who’s also a singer and musician. Jay Pres even let his father do a solo. This would be the first time in Hot 97 “Who’s Next Live” history for a father and son to perform together. Jay Pres ended his set with “Swaggy P” with an extreme energy and crowd participation. His father jumped up and down with pride for his son.

jay p

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— Phil Walker (@RealPhilWalker) April 28, 2016

 Another great night of highlighting the new up & coming talent  from different states especially New York City.

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