The legendary singer, Prince, died without leaving a will for what’s to happen to his estate. Since then, family members of the late superstar have been scrambling to see what happens with his estate. In the mean time comedian, George Lopez, has stepped up to support Prince’s family members in their time of need.

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Even though Prince was constantly urged to make a will, the singer refused to because of his experience with bad contracts in the past. That decision has left the state of his financial estate in limbo. As a result, a judge has frozen all of Prince’s assets until it is decided how much the administrator of Prince’s estate can divvy out to family members for living expenses. According to TMZmany of Prince’s family members were dependent upon Prince financially, and since he has passed, many of them have been struggling.

But apparently, George Lopez was very close with Prince and when he heard of the family’s financial troubles he advanced them $20 K for living and travel expenses. He did these things all anonymously.

Salute to George Lopez!

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