School shootings have been a major issue recently. So to help combat safety concerns among faculty and staff at universities, Tennessee passed a state law to allow faculty and staff to carry guns around campus.

The law applies to only public colleges and universities in the state and according to Mashable via Complex people who do decide to carry weapons will not be able to carry them everywhere on campus. Carriers, also cannot carry weapons into stadiums or school sponsored events. Guns are also not allowed at hospitals, offices that provide mental or medical health services, daycare centers, and elementary schools on campus.

The law will take place starting July 1 but does not have the Governor of Tennessee, Bill Haslow’s signature. “I am letting SB 2376 become law without my signature,” Haslam said in a statement via Business Insider. “I have long stated a preference for systems and institutions to be able to make their own decisions regarding security issues on campus, and I again expressed this concern throughout the legislative process this year.” The big issue with the bill is that it does not allow univerities to opt in or out of participation in the bill and even though this law does not allow students to carry guns to the school, that is the feared next step for opponents of the legislation.

Tennessee isn’t the only state that allows guns on campus according to a NASPA report, nine other states have policies that allow guns to be carried on campus. By Tuesday, Governor Nathan Deal of Georgia must decide to let a bill pass allowing guns to be carried on public campuses by anyone 21 and over.

Should guns be allowed in schools?

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