Beyonce has been making headlines left and right with her newest project, Lemonade, but has been signing major deals behind the scenes.

With her major announcement that had the world a fire about her 22-day vegan plan, Bey has taken it to higher heights to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Beyoncé Reportedly Pays $60k Fine To Finish Delayed Show For The Fans

WTRMLN WTR is a start-up brand that prides itself on leading a fit life with every sip you take. The company serves as a home to “discarded melons”, that may be bruised or blemished and infuse it to the essential nutrient of life – sounds good right?

Well, Queen Bey certainly thinks so. This business move, paired with her casual athletic line, Ivy Park, is destined to make major moves this year.

If we’ve learned nothing else – when life throws you lemons, make watermelon water!

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