“Lyrical” can be misused in hip-hop, ascribed to the dry technical aspects of MCing. At its worst, calling a rapper “lyrical” makes their art sound more like a math problem. But the term is still useful. Northern hip-hop fans argue that Southern hip-hop lacks substance lyrically but these days the misrepresentation of lyrical rappers in the south along with that argument has been on mute thanks to a handful of southern lyricist including Tampa’s own Mike Mass.

“The Bronx is famous for two things. Hip-hop, and 26 world championships.” – Kurtis Blow

Born in the Bronx,NY and lives in Tampa,Fl, Rapper/Producer Mike Mass avoids mainstream attention and creative limitations. It’s pure hip-hop but it goes in all sorts of musical directions. Mass makes music that rattles in your soul. It’s inspired with love, honesty,selflessness and confidence in his craft. It’s virtuosic in its musicality, direct in its language, and relatable.



The Tampa emcee has opened for Erykah Badu, Talib Kweli and Stephen Marley at Gasparilla Music Festival,The 22nd Annual Tampa Pro with Yelawolf and Sway In The Morning on SHADE45 Sirius XM Radio. Watch Mike Mass shine on his Live Freestyle below

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