Phil Walker is known for his unique style in performing & his huge personality. You can hear his charismatic ways in all his music and he’s no stranger to the SOBs stage.

At last month’s “Who’s Next Live,” our BlameEbro team caught up with the artist.  Check out what he had to say.

Blam Ebro: So talk about your new single ‘Listen’n To Thugga’ came about and how much of a Thugger fan are you?

Phil Walker: I’m a huge Thugger fan. Him and Chance The Rapper are my two favorite rappers. I was writing a song and  I couldn’t come up with a hook. It just so happens I was listening to Young Thug. So I’m listening & I started mumbling ‘riding around listening to Thugger’ I  was in a car & it went to with the beat, I was like oh this might work. That’s how we got Listen’n to Thugger.

Blame Ebro: Who produced that track?

Phil Walker: Ty Hickson & Solo

Blame Ebro: Talk about your experience at SXSW?

Phil Walker: That was my 3rd time out there. The first two times was incredible, but the last time, it was more so the politics were starting to come fourth. I guess because everybody is starting to find out about it. It’s made for the underground artist. Once the higher ups like the Jay Z, the Kanye’s find out. Not this year but next it’s just getting worst. It’s hard to kind of flourish in that area because it’s so much going on. You might have a show across the street, but Pharrell is across the street too. He’s right across the street from your show so now the audience doesn’t care about the underground artist there about to go across the street.

Blame Ebro: Your working on a new project & videos for Listen’n to Thugger

Phil Walker: We’re shooting Lisnten’n To Thugger that’s in the work directed by  Thuan Tran he actually worked on the track with me and Jae Tips’ Lafayette Gods. That’s actually going to take place this week. Don’t be surprised if you see me in the same outfit cause that’s exactly what I’m going to do. The new project is called ‘Afternoon Marauders’ it’s kind of a spin off to Tribe Called Quest’s ‘Midnight Marauders’. So I’m kind of paying my respect to Phife. He influences me to do the kind of music I do.

Blame Ebro:  Who influences you?

Phil Walker: I have a few it’s too many to name.

Blame Ebro: Whos your top 3?

Phil Walker: Of all time?!

Blame Ebro: No! Who while making your project who are you listening to.

Phil Walker: Lil Wayne that’s my favorite rapper of all time & Chance The Rapper.

Blame Ebro: Thank you, Phil!!

Phil Walker: Of course Le’Trice let me get another high five.

Most of Harlem & fans gathered to the front of the stage. Phil performed crowd favorites like his new single ‘Listen’n To Thugger.’ A personal favorite of mine ‘Lafayette Gods’ with Bronx rapper Jae Tips, off of Tips ‘South Of Houston’ mixtape. He finished his set with his huge hit ‘Water Whippin’ where his fans gathered on the stage to rap & dance along with him while the crowd grew louder & louder.

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