President Obama showed just how down he was when he drunk a glass of tap water from Flint, Michigan.

According to USA Today, during a speech at an area high school, Obama asked for a glass of water and drunk it saying, “I really did need a glass of water. This is not a stunt.”

In January, Obama declared the Flint Water Crisis a state of emergency to help the residents get an immediate response to the extremely high level of lead in the city’s water supply. The New York Times reported that the lead is a result of the cities decision to switch to untreated Flint River water back in 2014.

While he did not place the blame on the particular party, he did say that the lack of government lead to the issue in the first place. He encouraged the people to not blame their audience but offered a call to action instead, “We need to fix the culture of neglect.” In addition, Obama expanded Medicare to help children affected by lead poisoning.

Obama came to Flint to show the people that he hears them and most importantly, he’s listening,

“I came here to tell you directly that I see you, I hear you, and I want to hear directly from you about how this public health crisis has affected your lives,” Obama said. “I know you’re scared. A lot of you feel let down. I also came here to tell you that I’ve got your back.”

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