The Zulu Nation has moved to distance itself from its founder, Afrika Bambaataa, by announcing that it will change its leadership and focus on victims of abuse. After weeks of accusations against Bambaataa, The Universal Zulu Nation’s founder is now finding himself out as leader, after more victims have come forward and his bodyguard corroborated these claims.

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The Nation’s co-founder Amad Henderson addressed the Nation regarding the future of the organization’s leadership. According to a video statement released to members over the weekend, Henderson is now the head of the Universal Zulu Nation, officially and publicly putting Afrika Bambaataa out of the organization.

The official statement comes from us, right here,” said Henderson, seated underneath a banner bearing the official Zulu Nation badge. One member went on to read a written statement, while four others silently sat in solidarity.

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“We the supreme and World Councils of the Universal Zulu Nation, who has the only authority, are taking this time to address the membership and global community in regards to Afrika Bambaataa’s role in our organization,” said the member. “We are publicly announcing official removal of Afrika Bambaataa from the Universal Zulu Nation, based on the numerous allegations of molestations.” The statement also claims that Bambaataa had not been the group’s official leader since 1994.

While last week the Nation was completely supportive of Bambaataa, it looks like something alarmed them to how the allegations against Bambaataa may damage the Nation’s legacy.

“We as an organization cannot allow these allegations to tarnish the name or the legacy of the Universal Zulu Nation. We take these allegations very seriously because we a youth-driven organization with a mission of saving young lives through the advent of Hip-Hop culture.”

Watch the video above.

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