Things got a little tense between Justin Bieber and Desiigner at NYC club 1Oak on Thursday night.

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If you know anything about the “Panda” rapper, you know his shows are TURNT to the max, and apparently, his turn-up came a little too close to the Biebs for comfort that night. Desiigner reportedly “stomped multiple times” on Justin‘s feet during the show, which led to Justin shoving the crap out of him – and of course it was caught on camera. Instead of letting it escalate, however, Desiigner immediately turned around and said, “My bad.”

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There have been reports that Desiigner was then kicked out, but that’s not true. After finishing his set, he had to be escorted out because he’s under 21, and those rules were in place long before any shoving match. Check out the video below.

Source: TMZ

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