Lamar Odom sent social media into a frenzy after he was caught drinking at a Beverly Center bar in on Sunday May 8. Khloe Kardashian, who helped Odom recover following his October overdose, tweeted on Sunday after seeing the news, ‘People Disappoint.’


Although Kardashian didn’t directly reference the former baller, the timing of her tweet is a little obvious. Sources told US Magazine at the time that he didn’t drink.

“He went out with Khloé’s security to meet some friends and get out of the house. He bought them the drinks, but didn’t drink himself,” an insider previously told Us. “Khloé’s security guard was with him, which is just like having Khloé with you. He just wanted to get out into the real world for a second and feel normal.”

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Sunday night’s epsiode of Keeping Up With Kardashians featured Lamar out for the first time after his overdose. He attended Kanye West’s Madison Square Garden fashion show. The episode credits Kanye for helping Lamar recover, as Kanye played Lamar tons of new music during his hospital stay.

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