After teasing the interview on social media over the weekend, Nardwuar released the six year follow up of his interview with Drake. Room For Improvement Drake is much different from Views Drake (obviously), and this time 40 joins him for the ride.

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In the hour long interview, Drake, 40 & Nardwuar discussed the city of Toronto, Memphis and Houston rap, B.I.G., Big L, 40‘s father, Mac Dre, Timmy Thomas and that time Drake almost getting arrested in Jamaica, and so much more.

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“In Jamaica at a stage show, the way the police monitor the shows is they try not to incite the crowd so they don’t want you to swear,” Drake said. “You know my first thing, I was just excited to be in Jamaica so I was cussing up a storm. Yeah, they were about to arrest me. Luckily, Beenie Man was there and a bunch of guys were there, and they just tried to explain to the police that I didn’t understand. Big up to all the guys that were there that night because they saved my life.”

Check out the interview above.

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