“My only regret was too young for Nia Long…”

No so fast, J. Cole! Legendary actress Nia Long has responded to Cole‘s lyric on “No Role Modelz,” assuring the 31-year-old rapper that at 45, she’s not too old for him at all.

“He’s really not too young. He just doesn’t know it.”

Sadly, he’s married, so unless Melissa is a real one, he won’t be able to act on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. (Let’s hope Melissa is a real one, though. I mean – it’s NIA LONG.)

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In other major news, it turns out that in 2015, J. Cole made more than any other rapper did off of sales, streaming, touring and publishing. (Note: this does NOT factor in merchandising, sponsorships and other revenue sources.) This list was published by Billboard and delved into the finances of musicians in all genres, however, so while Cole is the number one rapper on the list he’s actually number 27 overall.

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C’mon rappers – let’s figure out how to get this pop star money like Taylor Swift (who’s number one) and ‘em!

Check out the full list here.

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