One thing is for sure about Azealia Banks: she knows how to start a riot.

The MC currently has people up in arms over her political views, which include support for Donald Trump. While at first some thought she was joking, Banks has continued to make it clear that she truly believes Donald is the man for the job.

She took to Twitter (her favorite platform) to enlighten people on some of the reasons she believes Trump is the best candidate. Her main concern:

  “Hillary talks to black people as if we’re children or pets. i can’t stand herrrrrrr.”

Though she didn’t particularly send for Bernie Sanders, she attributes lack of clout to the reason he seems to be having some difficulty hanging on in the poles.

Azealia Banks Dances It Up To “The Big Big Beat” [VIDEO]

While Black Twitter is usually entertained by her antics, many weren’t feeling her political views. With that, Banks had this to say:

“[Trump] not a symbol of hatred. The Liberal Media have programmed us to feel a way about words. When they’re just that …Words. Its only language. It’s not clandestinely bombing Libya, or passing the 1994 crime bill.”

Check out some more of her political insight below:


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