14-year old Skai Jackson had time yesterday. She had us all glued to our Twitter accounts eagerly waiting for her next tweet as she easily dragged infamous Twitter troll (and sometimes rapper), Azealia Banks, for filth last night.

It all began with Banks going off on Zayn Malik, former One Direction member, about his video for his single “Like I Would” spewing out all types of homophobic and racist insults towards the undeserving singer.


The Disney Channel star and face of one of the most viral memes in meme history saw this and tweeted the seamlessly harmless tweet below.


This caused Banks to explode and go off on young Skai but was caught by surprise when Skai was locked and loaded and every to serve Banks a taste of her own medicine.

image image

Banks, of course, said the craziest most insane things her little mind could think of. Regardless of the fact she said all of this to a FOURTEEN year old, Skai was ready. Look below to see Skai read Banks with style and grace below.

image image

Twitter of course wasted no time as some of the reactions are hilarious.

image image image

In the words of Skai, take your L like a champ Azealia.

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