There was once a time where Donald Trump’s campaign seemed like a mere joke. Now here he is the GOP sole runner leaving the people concerned about the country’s next move. Nothing Trump could say slow him down in the polls, but a new poll shows that the jig might be reaching high altitude levels.

“A new poll has revealed that the American public finds presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump even less likable than Nickelback. That’s gotta hurt. The poll was conducted by Public Polling Policy, and also found that the Donald is not only liked less than Nickelback, but also lice, jury duty, and root canals. Notably, the group who was polled said that they had a higher opinion of Trump than hemorrhoids and cockroaches. Congrats to Trump.”

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Roaches are more likable than Trump? There’s your third alternative for president (unless you’re still voting for Deez Nuts), it’s very odd that a man who continues to win dolo from state to state is more hated than a roach.

“Trump fans think that president Obama was not born in the United States: only 23 percent of Trump’s supporters think that the president was born on U.S. soil. Further, 24 percent believe that the recently deceased Supreme Court JusticeAntonin Scalia was murdered, with 42 percent believing he died naturally, and a whopping 34 percent who just weren’t sure.”

Trump and Hillary Clinton are neck and neck in the polls. So seriously, are you going to let a man that makes rodents look like Mr. Rogers in the White House?

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