After her racist, derogatory and downright disrespectful tweets toward both singer Zayn Malik and 14-year-old actress Skai Jackson yesterday, UK radio station Rinse FM has dropped Azealia Banks as the headliner of its forthcoming Born & Bred Festival.

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“Rinse/Born & Bred Festival is a celebration of rave culture and has been created for EVERYONE,” they wrote in their announcement. “We celebrate inclusivity and equality.”

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Since then, Azealia tweeted and deleted a backhanded apology (as she’s sorry for how people felt about her words, but not the words themselves,) then attempted to justify her actions. The troubled rapper says that she was speaking out of anger because she thinks Zayn felt he was too good to acknowledge her, and that she had to remind him that she and he are the same and are looked at as “other” because they’re people of color.

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As for Skai, Azealia says she “knows” it was Skai’s mom tweeting for her, and that she’s upset her mother is “forcing” an over-sexualized image on the young star, by letting her wear weaves and take what she calls “sexy” Instagram pics. Meanwhile, Azealia is the same one who told Skai that she needs to grow some hips! Also, this justification came after she’d RT’d the below photo of Skai, adding, “Shake what ya mama gave ya.”


Here is the “apology” captured by Complex:

Photo Gallery



Here is her justification:

Photo Gallery



Here is what she’s since added on Twitter (that remains up for now):

“Resisting The Urge to say loads more terrible things to each and every one of u’s. But obviously I’m insanely fucking talented and have already lowered myself to the levels of ppl who don’t even deserve to share the same Air I breathe.”

She also said this about the UK in a Periscope rant last night:

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