Last night, Drake and French Montana hit the studio together in New Jersey. French shared a few clips on his Instagram, one of which showed Drizzy professing his longtime love for him – dating back to the Cocaine City DVD days, way before either one of the them saw the fame and success they know today.

In another clip, French previews the song they’d recorded with a 10-second snippet of the song on Snapchat…and perhaps purposely, only allows one bar of Drake‘s verse to play. The bar?

“Pump, pump it up!”

Could this be a reference to Joe Budden? It’s highly likely. Last week, on Joe’s I’ll Name This Podcast Later podcast, he went on an adamant, hour-long rant about his disdain for Views, calling Drake out because, as a longtime fan, he feels he can do better. The rant became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, and was the talk of many radio shows, websites and the Instagram blogs that Drake is known to peruse. Another fact about Drake you may not know – he’s a self-professed Joe fan and a hip-hop nerd, so it’s not out of his realm at all to have what Joey is saying be on his radar.

While it’s basically guaranteed that the line was in reference to Joe, what’s not known is whether the bars that follow will contain a diss, a positive response (as they both respect each other’s work greatly) or perhaps no further reference at all! Maybe the line is just Drake‘s way of letting Joey know that he hears him! We can’t be certain just yet, but what we do know is that exchange of bars between these two would be AMAZING!

You can hear #Drake at the beginning ?

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This is Joe’s response thus far:

And more studio footage:

#Drake last night in the studio with @frenchmontana

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#Drake and his now signature dance ?

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